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Linguistics (B/K/S, Russian, Slovenian)


Linguistics at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the University of Graz researches the field of theoretical and experimental linguistics from a formal and cognitive methodological perspective and addresses questions of syntax, morphology, phonology and semantics together with their interfaces. The study focus lies in the areas of aspect, argument structure, morphology and prosody of verbs and verbal expressions; relative, complementary and adverbial clauses; lexical prosody, lexical borrowing and lexical categories; quantifiers and quantifier-raising. Other topics covered include South Slavic languages ​​as source languages, language and emotions, social and political aspects of standardised language, linguistic variation and gender, and comparative linguistics. All Slavic as well as some non-Slavic languages ​​form the empirical basis for this research, among them most prominently Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Slovenian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Bulgarian.

Research areas of the staff:

Boban Arsenijević: Generative syntax, formal semantics, experimental linguistics, lexical categories, the verb, subordinate clauses, hybrid congruence and congruence with conjunctions, grammatical gender;

Svitlana Antonyuk: Generative syntax, interface of syntax and semantics, quantification, argument structure, object shift, information structure;

Agnieszka Będkowska-Kopczyk: Cognitive semantics, cognitive grammar, cultural linguistics, discourse markers, mental predicates, grammatical gender, spatial constructions, prefixes, prepositions;

Anastasia Chuprina: Experimental linguistics, mental lexicon, morphology, suffixation and prefixation in Russian, grammar of dependencies, morphosyntax, phonology, children's language;

Petya Rogić: Source language, mixed language, experimental linguistics, code switching/code mixing, sociolinguistics, South Slavic languages, comparative linguistics, corpus linguistics;

Marko Simonović: Generative phonology, theory of loyalty, generative morphology, language contact, lexicon stratification, generative syntax, lexical categories, the verb, gender.


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