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28.11. Rethinking the Sociology of (Yugo)Nostalgia

Dienstag, 08.11.2022

Online-Gastvortrag von Ana Petrov (Belgrad)

In this lecture I will deal with the concepts of nostalgia and Yugonostalgia from different historical and theoretical perspectives, arguing that Yugonostalgia can be seen as one of many historical manifestations of a much broader concept. The lecture will address the following issues. Firstly, I will point to divergent meanings of the concept of nostalgia, especially in the sociological discourses; secondly, I will analyse the transformations of the concept in the 20th and 21st centuries, showing how nostalgia has become one of the means in the consumerist societies; then, I will illustrate the meanings of the concept on the example of Yugonostalgia, arguing that this kind of nostalgia has also become a product in nowadays post-Yugoslav societies; finally, I will conclude with certain suggestions for revisiting the theoretical approaches to the concepts of nostalgia and Yugonostalgia.

Ana Petrov (1982), a musicologist and a sociologist, an associate professor at the Faculty of media and communications, Belgrade. Petrov is the author of several books, including a book dealing with the reception of Yugoslav popular music after the dissolution of Yugoslavia (Jugoslovenska muzika bez Jugoslavije. Koncerti kao mesta sećanja, 2016) and on the theories of nostalgia (Sociologije nostalgija, 2021)


Zeit: Montag, 28.11.2022, 12:00

Link: https://unigraz.webex.com/meet/goran.lazicic

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