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26.1. Guest Lecture "Aspecteclectism"

Freitag, 20.01.2023

Dr. Berit Gehrke (Humboldt University Berlin)

You are cordially invited by the Institute for Slavic Studies of the University of Graz to a guest lecture to be given by Dr. Berit Gehrke (Humboldt University Berlin) with the title, abstract and whereabouts below:


As a point of departure this talk addresses differences in aspect usage across Slavic languages, with a special focus on Russian vs. Czech. Different research questions are raised (but not necessarily answered), and various formal proposals that aim at capturing these cross-Slavic differences (of which there are not many to begin with) are discussed, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses (again without necessarily favouring one over the other). Given that these proposals all employ some notion of definiteness in their accounts, the second part of the talk outlines some general reflections about definiteness in the domain of events and times and what a full-fledged account of aspect (and maybe even tense) that draws parallels to definiteness in the nominal domain needs to explore. Thus, the presentation will be more programmatic in nature, rather than outlining a fully worked-out account of a particular empirical phenomenon.


Thursday, 26.01.2023, 17:00-18:30.

Venue: Wallgebäude, Merangasse 70/I, Room 33.1.224

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