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23.10. Gastvortrag: Double determination in Balkan Slavic and its Balkan context (engl.)

Montag, 01.10.2018

Prof. Victor Friedman


The phenomenon of double determination, i.e. the use of a demonstrative with a definite noun phrase, is found in all the Balkan languages, e.g. Macedonian ovie našive polupismenive  'these our.DEF  semiliterates.DEF', , Albanian ky njeriu 'this person.DEF', Aromanian omlu aistu  'person.DEF this', Greek aftos o anthropos 'this the person, Romani (Agia Varvara) kadava [o] rom 'this [the] Rom', The co-occurrence of a demonstrative with one or more definite markers in a single noun phrase, when formulated as such, in abstract terms, appears to be a Balkanism. The various languages, however, display distinguishing similarities and differences. In this talk, I focus on the question of double determination as a means of elucidating a Balkan areal tendencies with attention to dialectal variation.

Merangasse 70, 1st floor

23rd of Oct., 6 p.m., room 33.1.224

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